Covid-19 Vaccination Consultation 

Good Hearts Testing is now offering telemedicine consultations to see if you qualify for a signed physician eligibility form which you can take to a nearby pharmacy in the state of Florida to receive your Covid-19 vaccine. 

Patients under 65 with a high risk medical condition are eligible.  

The Fee for this Service is $75.

You will only be charged after your consultation if Dr. Quiros approves your request and provides you with a signed Eligibility form.  

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High Risk Conditions include but are not limited to:


Hypertension/High Blood Pressure


Cardiac Disease

Smoking history



Chronic Lung disease

Liver Disease

Obesity or  BMI greater then 35

Chronic Kidney Disease

Sickle Cell Disease

History of Immunosuppressive disease

Currently taking Immunosuppressive medication

For more info on Florida vaccine requirements:

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